We offer sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, luxury yachts and gulets. Sailing yachts offer the best sailing, sporty and romantic experience, and the lowest prices. Catamarans give the largest space, lot of comfort and solid sailing performance. They are also perfect solution for holidays with children or bigger groups. Motor boats provide speed and power, therefore a possibility to visit more islands and towns and leave more time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. Luxury yachts give all advantages of 5 stars hotel, but possibility to sail from one destination to another and have your privacy. Gulets are the best option for larges group of people.

Yacht charters usually start on Saturdays and end on Saturdays. However, if you want to charter a yacht for only few days, it is possible to do it in off-season.

You must hire a professional skipper if you don’t have enough experience or if you don’t have a sailing license.

If you have a sailing license, and you are not sure if it is valid, please make sure you send it to us by email, so we can check its validity.

Skipper service is usully not included in the price of the boat. This information will always be  indicated in our web site, offer and booking agreement.   

Some yachts have special cabins for a skipper or a crew, but if not, it is obligatory to provide one of the yacht cabins for a skipper.

Marinas and towns ports are the safest and most comfortable places to berth a boat, specially on a bad weather. On nice a weather, you can anchor a yacht in a bay.

Bed linen (sheets, blankets, pillows) is provided on every yacht. Charter companies very rarely provide towels, so please check this information with us before your trip.

There is no age limit for children and they can go sailing from a very early age. However, we expect parents to be responsible for their own children during a trip and closely monitor them. For their safety children should wear life vests at every oportunity and also safety net can be put along the sides of the boat.

Sometimes, you can take over the boat before the time you determined for taking over the boat (check-in is usually done at around 5 PM) but it depends on charter company that manages a boat, on the time of the season (it is not likely in a high season) and condition of a boat after preceding week. Some charter companies offer a payed early check in. In any case , please provide us with the approximate time of your arrival as soon as you can. That way we can try to arranged with a charter comapany  for vessel to be delivered earlier.

Boats should be returned to the base on Friday afternoon or evening, with an overnight on bord till Saturday morning between 8 and 9 AM, when the check-out procedure is done.  Then guests should leave the boat so it can be prepared for new guests. Boat can sometimes, depending on a charter company, be returned on Saturday too, but before 9 AM in order for guests to have enough time to fill the tank before leaving the boat.