Life is all about adventures and taking risks. People who want to make the best out of their time plan it in the best possible way. Because in the end, all it takes is the satisfaction of having taken enough chances in your life as you could. For vacations, the present world has a whole world to offer. Let’s dive into one of the best ways to spend your vacations.


Yacht Charter Turkey


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

Dreaming of a vacation full of adventurous sailing, magnificent scenery, calm and soothing waves and the relaxing wind blowing through your hairs? Yacht Charter Turkey is the reality of your dream. A perfect blend of beautiful islands, historic culture, colorful traditions, rich marine life, lively people and white sandy beaches doubles the charm of sailing in Turkey. Amazing seas and stunning islands of Turkey will make every single penny and minute spent on the boat worthy and memorable.


Turkey: An Ideal Destination For Sailing

Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

6000 islands spread out in the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean Seas, 8,333 km of coastline, picture-perfect beaches, lush green slopes deemed with sand-dunes, hidden coves, big docks, abundant marine life, historic cities captivate tourists visiting Turkey. Being an interesting blend of European geography and Islamic culture, Turkey has distinctive architectural heritage and fascinating local traditions. It is one of the most exciting fashion hubs in Europe and one of the most cultured nations. The long sandy beaches lined with pristine waters and lush green hills in backdrop makes it a paradise for all beach lovers. While most beach and yachting destinations are very expensive when it comes to price, the best thing about Turkey is that it is very easy on the pocket when it comes to food, accommodation, transport, and attraction. The affordability factor has played a great role in triggering the number of people who visit Turkey every year from all around the world. Turkey’s Islamic heritage and history have made it one of the most visited spots by Arab tourists. The overall culture of Turkey is very diverse and welcoming towards foreigners. The archaeological ruins that dot the Turkish coastline of over 8000 kilometers make it one the best destinations for history lovers.

With clear sandy beaches, lush green landscape, modern cityscape, picturesque architecture, beautiful natural formations and economical itineraries Turkey has everything to offer to make your ultimate holidays. If you have a passion for sailing you will love to charter one of the many yacht options in Turkey as per your needs and requirements.


Favourable climate for sailing

Turkey bears the typical Mediterranean with long summer and warm spring and autumn making its climate favorable for sailing around the year. Our bases of Yacht Charter Turkey are in all the big Islands including Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya etc., which allow you to cover all the islands of your fantasy.


Catamaran Charter Turkey


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

Catamarans are the most thrilling means to enjoy the roaring waves of Turkey. Riding a flat platform supported by two floating hulls gives you the feel of sharks piercing the water waves especially with a glass floor. Don’t be afraid our catamarans are safe and stable because of their widespread and multiple hulls allowing you to enjoy with comfort.

Adventurous sail

Because of their amazing hemodynamics, low buoyancy and powerful motors these catamarans are the fastest boasts making them popular among thrilled sailors and racers. So get ready for an adventurous but safe sail through the crystal clear waters of Turkey and make it you memorable day of your life.

Stable and spacious

With variable size and brands, these boats have all the room you want. Small powered boats for thrilled racers or large stable and spacious boats with up to 4 standard cabin size rooms, air-conditioned with comfortable beds, kitchen and water level windows to enjoy the water. You can view amazing sunsets and sunrises or enjoy riding waves.


Bareboat Yacht Charter Turkey


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

Who will not love piercing waves of clear water, soothing currents of airs while sailing on a private boat? Letting your passion float freely on lively waves and enjoying all the relaxation of the world. Or romantic nights under a billion star ceiling with no interference or worry. Bareboat Yacht Charter Turkey makes it possible for you. With just a sailing license hire our elegant and comfortable boats and set sail on wonderful seas and stunning islands of Turkey.

It’s your boat, you are the captain and you are its skipper

Be the captain of your own boat, keep it tidy and enjoy the most amazing sea life with Bareboat Charter Turkey. With you and your family all alone, you can have the time of your life. Where to go, what to do and what to enjoy; it’s all up to you. If eternal peace and relaxation is your goal, you can’t ask for a better opportunity. A safe sail at such a low cost, don’t regret missing it.

Discover the true face of nature

A spicy Island vacation aims for turquoise waters, picture-perfect beaches, mesmerizing islands. Bareboat Charter Turkey provides you everything you are hoping for an ultimate vacation. Turkey is an ultimate sailing paradise with its best sunsets, roaring waves, royal docks. Whether attractive beaches and crystal clear waters of Bozcaada Island or untouched natural beauty of Gokceada Island, historical pier and famous fish restaurants of Buyukada Island or peace and calmness of Burgazada Island, Turkey has a lot to surprise you.


Skippered Yacht Charter Turkey


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

Just like home boat asks a lot of effort too. Whether cleaning or cooking, even setting the sail can be, tiring taking all your fun and relaxation. To save you from such a misery Skippered Yacht Charter Turkey provides you professional skippers that will take care of all your jobs. They cook three delicious meals and hostess serve you and keep your boat clean and running.

Take the command

You are the captain of your boat and the boat sails to the destinations of your choice. We give you all the rights to plan your stay, speed, and places. Enjoy the adventure of your own choice in the paradise of sailing, Turkey with us.

These are Cheap

In contrast to luxury and crewed boats, these are quite cheap. You can afford more places and more time at same rates with no less enjoyment. Depending on size, brand, model, and duration the cost is different. We have the best brands and most comfortable boats. Whether antique boats to enjoy the royal escort or latest powerboats Skippered Yacht charter Turkey provides you the biggest opportunity of your life.


Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

While visiting a place like Turkey which has a lot to offer a wise choice would be sailing with professional natives to show you the true aesthetic beauty. Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey has the best team, adept at managing your precious so that you enjoy every second of your vacation and get proper rest too. They work their best to present all the tricky and beautiful secrets of Turkey to you and make your vacations memorable.

Professionals at your service

From sailing the boat to keeping the boat tidy, from delicious meals to amazing destinations everything is managed by our professionals with the finest degree of efficacy and quality. These professionals are always at your service and make an unforgettable cruise possible for you.

An excuse from hectic routine

Vacations are an excuse to relax from daily work and tensions. There is no better place than a glass board of an elegant boat cruising smoothly over warm clear water. Sipping a drink with alluring waves and soothing air currents around you gives a pleasant comfort that most of sailors dream. Crewed Charter Turkey is the place where your dream comes true.


Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Turkey

Luxury is known for exhilarating luxury yachts and flotillas that sail across the Mediterranean waters. Its geographical location and cultural linkage make Turkish sea tours stand out because of the blend of Middle Eastern and European flavors. Luxury yacht charters in Turkey let you experience a never seen before fusion of east and west. Your luxury yacht charters can be tailored according to your purpose and nature of holiday and the consultants and skippers can help you plan you're itinerary accordingly.

The summer season is a perfect time to sail on one often the luxury yacht in Turkey when you can not only enjoy the clear waters of the sea but can also enjoy the spellbinding beaches and the adventurous watersports, island hopping expeditions, sunbathing on yacht decks and a dip in the pool while you are sailing through the coastline. Turkey is known as one of the most sought-after destinations when it comes to superyachts, therefore, you will get a large variety of luxury yachts to choose from. The overall purchasing power and the economical accommodation and holiday attractions in Turkey make it one of the favorite destinations for those who have a passion for yachting but are on a budget.



€12.860,00 €11.574,00 -10% Hanse 675 PALMERA

Hanse 675 "PALMERA"

Marin Turk Göcek Village Port

€7.250,00 €6.162,50 -15% Lagoon 46 Hydra

Lagoon 46 "Hydra"

Yacht Classic Hotel Marina, Feth

€8.750,00 €7.875,00 -10% Lagoon 46 OW Vela

Lagoon 46 OW "Vela"

Yacht Classic Hotel Marina, Feth

€5.740,00 €4.879,00 -15% Excess 12 NO NAME

Excess 12 "NO NAME"

Marin Turk Göcek Village Port


The best way to spend your holidays

Catamaran Charter

€8.450,00 €7.182,50 -15% Lagoon 46 "Hydra"

Lagoon 46 "Hydra"

Yacht Classic Hotel Marina, Feth

€6.790,00 €5.771,50 -15% Excess 12 "NO NAME"

Excess 12 "NO NAME"

Marin Turk Göcek Village Port

€6.180,00 €5.253,00 -15% Excess 11 "No Name"

Excess 11 "No Name"

Marin Turk Göcek Village Port

€5.890,00 €5.006,50 -15% Excess 11 "SOGUKSU"

Excess 11 "SOGUKSU"

Marin Turk Göcek Village Port

€5.890,00 €5.006,50 -15% Excess 11 "PANÇO"

Excess 11 "PANÇO"

Marin Turk Göcek Village Port

€5.650,00 €4.802,50 -15% Lagoon 40 "Mithra"

Lagoon 40 "Mithra"

Yacht Classic Hotel Marina, Feth

€5.650,00 €4.802,50 -15% Lagoon 40 "Turtle"

Lagoon 40 "Turtle"

Yacht Classic Hotel Marina, Feth