Man, today, is always in search of places, people or things he could spend a pleasant time with. It is natural for one to get exhausted by the hectic routine and try to seek refuge in or at least imagine a peaceful haven, where he would not have to carry out even the minor chores for himself and his family. Here is what we have for you as one of the best enjoyable activities in Spain:


Yacht Charter Spain


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Spain

Yacht Charter Spain provides you an amazing opportunity to enjoy your holidays at the best sea spots of Spain, a nautical heaven. With limited days of sailing, you ought to treat them as precious. And there is nothing better than amazing seas and stunning islands of Spain to enjoy every single penny and minute spent on the boat. Spain is the third most visited country in the world and contains 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its amazing heritage and culture, a beautiful cluster of islands, vast coasts and beautiful sandy beaches, it is a central hub for tourism and sailing.

Spain: A Nautical Heaven

Spain’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, its dramatic coastlines, charming landscapes, rich historical legacy, eclectic culture, and vibrant nightlife have made it a much sought-after destination. Nothing in the world can beat the charm and wonder of the two archipelagos of Spain, the mainland coast in the Mediterranean having Balearic Islands and the Atlantic Canary Islands resembling volcanoes. With hundreds of islands and 8,000 km of coastline, more than 300 marinas and widespread sandy beaches having sand-dunes, beaches ornate with pebbles, sheltered coves and bays, coastal caves with steep rocks and darkly stained sand as that of soil in volcanoes and coastal wetlands, Spain no doubt is the most diverse and beautiful sailing location. Being one of the oldest European civilization, Spanish islands have distinctive architectural heritage and fascinating local traditions.

An Ideal Climate for Sailing

Its ideal climate, warm waters and small distances between ports and coasts have earned popularity among Spanish and foreigners. With our bases of Yacht Charter Spain in all the big Islands including Palma, Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastián, Ibiza etc. we allow you to cover all the islands of your choice and enjoy relaxing beaches and warm Mediterranean and Atlantic climate.


Catamaran Charter Spain


Catamaran is taken from a Tamil word “Kattumaram” which means logs tied together. It is the most ancient and glorious way to enjoy the waves. Catamaran Charter Spain provides you a wide variety of comfortable and luxurious catamarans which make every second of sailing splendid. With our variable sizes, top brands, and cheap sails, catamarans are the most common sailing trend in Spain.


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Spain


Catamaran Charter Spain provides you everything you are hoping for a splendid sailing day. With 4 standard cabin size rooms with separate bathrooms, saloon, and kitchen, all fully air-conditioned with big windows to enjoy alluring waters and bewitching scenery, these boats contain all you need.

Stability and hemodynamics

Widespread due to multiple hulls and low buoyancy give these catamarans way more stability, water piercing ability and power than mono-hull boats. It allows you to enjoy the waves more comfortably and cover more distances as well.

Cruising or Sports

Catamaran Charter Spain provides you an unforgettable cruise around the jaw-droppingly beautiful archipelagos and fascinating culture. Smooth and stable sail with wide views has made catamaran the best choice for sailors. On the other hand with powerful motor catamaran can achieve 50 knots (58 mph; 93 km/h) making it a craze for racers.


Their price varies with size, brand, model and cruise duration. But with amazing performance, less resistance and smooth sailing these are the cheapest of all the boats and most fun to sail.


Bareboat Yacht Charter Spain


With over two thousand sailing yachts, catamarans and motor boats, professional advice and support from Yachts-Pro team, Bareboat Yacht Charter Spain is the best place to relish your sailing thirst. Our bases are close to seas and easy reach from the airport, making sailing in Spain not only easier but more fun too.

Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Spain

You and Your Family alone

Nothing is more relaxing than being with your family all alone, sailing over the alluring waves and enjoying your private time with no interference at all. Away from all worries, these boats are fully under your command with no crew at all. Nothing seems really to matter, that's the charm of it. Seeing the horizon, sunset and sunrise, striking waves and breathtaking views create a mesmerizing atmosphere and allow you to enjoy to the max.

What you need to get a bareboat

All you need is two people with sailing licenses on board to hire a bareboat and sail on warm waters of Spain to enjoy your private time with your family. If you have a little hunch about your sailing skills you can hire a captain or crew as you like. Get a boat today from Bareboat Yacht Charter Spain and set yourself sailing on most romantic and peaceful cruise in the whole world.


There is nothing worthier than peace and relaxation. With superadded fun, romantic and stunning architectural heritage any cost seems less for these boats. Bareboat Yacht Charter Spain provides you cheapest and most comforting bare boats of variable sizes and brands in the whole Spain so that you always remember your trip with happiness.


Skippered Yacht Charter Spain


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Spain

Don’t have a sailing license? Fear of water? But a dream to sail like a captain? Skippered Yacht charter Spain is your solution. With trained crew and comforting yachts, your dream is not a dream anymore. If you are going to do something, do it now. Tomorrow is too late. First time sailing or sailing with family skippered boats are best for you. It allows you to relax with no fear of boat as our professional crew is there to make your holidays perfect.


If you aim to relax and enjoy sailing skippered ship is the best for you. Everything is handled by our professional skippers, which leave you to enjoy the peace and relaxation of the sea. Be the captain and set your boat through warm Spanish waters to your destination and witness the stunning beauty of nature in the nautical heaven, Spain.


Crewed Yacht Charter Spain


If you are traveling to Spain for the first time and want to get familiar with and enjoy the true beauty of it, opt for a Crewed Yacht Charter Spain. Our professional crew will take you to all the mind-blowing places of Spain and we promise you won’t regret a single penny or a second.

Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Spain

Benefits of Expert Crew

With complete safety sail for an unforgettable trip through the most amazing and hidden places of Spain as our professional crew takes care of the rest. From delicious three time meals daily made by our professional chefs and served by the hostess, from cruising to tidiness our expert crew handles everything, so you enjoy your ultimate holidays.

Long Cruises to amazing places

Having expert crew taking care of all your worries allows you to take long cruises and sail for days, enjoying sailing to your maximum. Peaceful romantic nights under the wide open starry sky take you to the other world. Our professional captains know seas better than any and take you the most amazing places of Spain that will blow your senses. 


Luxury Yacht Charter Spain


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Spain

Set on a memorable sail with Luxury Yacht Charter Spain to the world’s most romantic, passionate, beautiful and culture-rich country. Whether the extraordinary landscape of the Canary Island or the stunning Balearic Islands, beautiful beaches, and hidden coves in Mallorca or famous architecture in Barcelona you will not regret your decision once.


These super-yachts with a professional crew and multiple decks are wonders on their own. A moving island or a heaven in the middle of the sea, whatever you call it, they literally carry all the fun of world you can hope. A beach club to while away a lazy afternoon, a bubbling waterjet spa for evening relaxation, exercise session with a cooling swim, relaxing sauna, and massages, saloon, swimming pool, sun pads and much more. Professional chefs and hostess to serve in ongoing beautiful restaurants. With entertainments like cinema, playrooms, casino, library, and bars it surely is nothing less than a heaven.

Yacht Charter Spain wants to share with you our love for the sea, nature, and sailing. We try to make your holidays happier and relaxing just the way you hoped. Whether enjoying sailing, watching the city from the sea, relaxing with the music you prefer with a glass of wine, eating something special with natural tasty, listening to the voice of the wind, we do our best to provide you the best and soothing side of Spain.

Choose from our various luxurious and comfortable boats and amazing destinations, as we are here to custom your Experience if you wish to arrange something unique and special!



€15.450,00 €13.132,50 -15% Moody 54 DS Adventuro

Moody 54 DS "Adventuro"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€12.050,00 €10.242,50 -15% Gran Turismo 45 Pandora

Gran Turismo 45 "Pandora"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€16.820,00 €15.138,00 -10% Lagoon 52 Jolie

Lagoon 52 "Jolie"

Palma de Mallorca, Marina Navier

€8.950,00 €7.607,50 -15% Gran Turismo 40 Midnight

Gran Turismo 40 "Midnight"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€8.250,00 €7.012,50 -15% Hanse 548 Endiva

Hanse 548 "Endiva"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€5.850,00 €4.680,00 -20% Lagoon 42 Sunshine

Lagoon 42 "Sunshine"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€5.550,00 €4.440,00 -20% Lagoon 42 Mona Lisa II

Lagoon 42 "Mona Lisa II"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€5.250,00 €4.200,00 -20% Bali 4.0 Escape

Bali 4.0 "Escape"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla


5.550,00 4.440,00 -20% Lagoon 42 "Mona Lisa II"

Lagoon 42 "Mona Lisa II"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

5.294,00 4.235,20 -20% Nautitech 40 Open "Hygge"

Nautitech 40 Open "Hygge"

Arenal/Playa de Palma

5.250,00 4.200,00 -20% Bali 4.0 "Escape"

Bali 4.0 "Escape"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

The best way to spend your holidays

Catamaran Charter

€6.650,00 €5.652,50 -15% Lagoon 46 "Voyager"

Lagoon 46 "Voyager"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€8.230,00 €7.407,00 -10% Lagoon 450 "Legend VLT-091"

Lagoon 450 "Legend VLT-091"

Club Nàutic Sant Antoni de Port

€4.950,00 €4.207,50 -15% Lagoon 450 "Irena"

Lagoon 450 "Irena"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€3.250,00 €2.600,00 -20% Lagoon 380 S2 "blue elli (ex Gemini)"

Lagoon 380 S2 "blue elli (ex Gemini)"

Tenerife, San Miguel Marina

€4.150,00 €3.527,50 -15% Lagoon 42 "Sunshine"

Lagoon 42 "Sunshine"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€4.150,00 €3.527,50 -15% Lagoon 42 "Moonlight"

Lagoon 42 "Moonlight"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€3.950,00 €3.357,50 -15% Lagoon 42 "Mona Lisa II"

Lagoon 42 "Mona Lisa II"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla

€3.450,00 €2.932,50 -15% Lagoon 40 "Sunrise"

Lagoon 40 "Sunrise"

Mallorca, Can Pastilla