If you are looking for an exhilarating European holiday that has a vibrant culture, bustling urban centers, world’s most renowned fashion houses, art, architecture, music, a rich history and tantalizing food topped with a spellbinding coastline, Italy is the ultimate place to be. The variety of attractions and natural beauty that Italy offers makes it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It has consistently been among the top ten tourist spots in the world for the past many years. Whether you want to experience the ancient feel of Rome, Pompeii and Naples, mesmerizing Renaissance architecture in Florence, ride the Gondolas in the romantic world-famous canals of Venice, or shop till you drop in Milan, Italy promises to offer something for everyone.

Italy is an amazing destination for those who love to sail and enjoy the beaches. Italy is a home to exquisite luxury yachts that stand for their class and sophistication. The yacht services offer exclusive tailor-made holidays ranging from sailing around the rustic volcanoes and ancient ruins to stopping over at romantic beaches for some water sports and tantalizing Italian cuisine.


Catamaran Charter Italy


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Italy

Nothing can beat Catamarans when it comes to sailing through some of the most beautiful coastal towns in the world, and Italy has an abundance of them. Think of sailing into the romantic village of Scopello, north west of Sicily, where tall rustic cliffs rise above crystal clear waters. The beautiful geological rock formations under the sea and across the shore leave a hauntingly romantic impression. Enjoy the Italian sun over the Mediterranean waters of this beautiful beach while you savor tantalizing tuna and feel rich Italian spices melting in your mouth. Since this pristine beach is not accessible by larger ships, Catamarans are an ideal choice to sail through them.

If you are a history lover and want to experience the true feel of the authentic Roman Empire and its ancient grandeur, you cannot miss the Ulysses Riviera and Sperlonga in Lazio. This spellbinding sandy stretch lies between Naples and Rome and is a heaven for history and nature lovers who love to sail.  The town is a beautiful blend of sunny beaches backed by green hills. You can take a train ride or a bus to explore around this historical town or stroll through the captivating caves such as the Grotto of Tiberius.

If you are one of those beach lovers who cannot imagine a sailing trip without the finest Italian blend of wine and scrumptious seafood, you cannot miss out on sailing your Catamaran to Monterosso al Mare, Liguria. However, if you like to have some quiet time while you feel the nature close to you and are looking to escape away from the crowd, make a stopover at Torre del Cerrano, Pineto, Abruzzo.

This 5-kilometre-long beach is a calm sandy spot where you can take a stroll while the waters seep through your feet and enjoy some of the most melodious classical concerts ever.


Bareboat Yacht Charter in Italy


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Italy

If you are a licensed sailor who likes to be your own boss while you enjoy every bit of your dream Italian holiday in terms of taste, sight and sound, and that too on your own terms and comfort, a bareboat charter would be your best bet. With bareboats you can decide your own itineraries and flex it according to your own mood.

You can charter your bareboat from any British airport if you book a flight to Pisa, Naples Sicily or Sardinia. The transfer time between the airport and the yacht is only 90 minutes which makes it even more appealing.


Skippered Yacht Charter Italy


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Italy

If you do not have a license to sail solo on your own, or if you are someone who would not like stress out on your holiday about skipping your boats and worrying about forecasts and other skipping pressures, then a skippered yacht will be a great option for you.  Relax on the decks of your yacht and spend your time gazing the captivating Italian shoreline while our professional skipper sails you through some of the most enthralling beaches and majestic capes. Our skippers are not only experienced with sailing boats but are exceptionally polite and courteous when it comes to client servicing. They will also help you tailor your itinerary so that you can get the maximum out of your trip.


Crewed Yacht Charter Italy


If your idea of yacht touring revolves around focusing solely on your relaxation and enjoy the calmness of the sea while you explore the coastal towns, without having to worry about your meals, cleaning and other chores on board, feel free to charter a crewed yacht. Our crewed yachts have a team comprising of a skipper, a chef and a hostess or hostesses on board.

The crew is a highly professional one who have a proven track record in hospitality. The chef will serve you delicious meals while you are served and taken care of by the hostess and enjoy your time on board as our skipper sails you across the Italian coastline.


Luxury Yacht Charter in Italy


Yachts Pro Luxury Yacht Charter Italy

Nothing can beat an ultimate Italian yachting trip across the beautiful European coastal belt across Italy on a luxury super yacht. Enjoy partying on the decks, scrumptious food in the fine dining restaurants on board, a dip in the pool and a relaxing massage while you are sailing from one beach to another on some of the best super yachts. Italy has been known for its passion for yachting and some of the best luxury yachts in the world have been built in Italy. Luxury Yachts in Italy are all about class, comfort and exclusivity. They are not only fully equipped with all the necessities that you will need for a comfortable experience on board but also have courteous and a highly experienced crew that knows its guests well. The luxury yachts in Italy boost world class amenities on board and our ideal for a family holiday, a romantic honeymoon trip or a corporate tour


Yacht Charter in Sicily


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Italy Sicily

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and one of the most visited spots in Italy. It is a heaven for sailors and yachters. Sicily is known for boosting the great Mount Etna, which is the tallest active volcano Europe. It is a beautiful pristine beach that is not only a paradise for beach lovers but also offers numerous archeological attractions for history lovers. The abundance of ancient historical ruins and the waterfront at the shore makes it one of the most favorite destinations for yachters. Sicily is also home to seven of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The town is also known for its association with art, architecture and literature. It has been a home to some of the greatest intellectuals, philosophers, poets, architects and artists in the world which includes Archimedes and Syracuse.

Sicily is a great destination for yacht lovers. You can charter all kinds of yachts including bareboats, catarmans, luxury yachts or crewed or skippered boats according to your preferences. Sicily is dotted with small scattered islands such as The Aeolians, Egadi and Pelagie Islands, Pantelleria and Ustica that offer diverse natural landscapes. The beaches are great for a stroll and water sports. The towns are diverse in culture and have many attractions, both historical and artistic that you would not want to miss. It is a heaven for foodies who would love to try out innovative cuisine and some of the finest wines in Europe. Sicily also has some of the best accommodation options if you plan to stopover for longer duration.


Yacht Charter in Sardinia


Yachts Pro Yacht Charter Italy Sicily

Sardinia is an unparalleled amalgamation of urban luxury and natural landscapes and spellbinding historical sites. Its secluded beaches and romantic coves are a perfect spot for honeymooners on a luxury yacht. Sardinia is dominated by powdery pink beaches, ancient towns, small villages that offer a unique cultural insight and cafes that offer scrumptious food. It is one of the most enthralling spots in Italy for an overnight Yacht anchorage. The urban, natural, cultural and historical diversity that Sardinia offers makes it one of the favorite anchorage spots for most yachters.


Yacht Charter in Amalfi


Located in the region of Campania, Amalfi is one of the most vibrant and dramatic towns in Italy. Other than a beach spot for tourists, it has also been an important trade route for many years. For anyone who loves to explore cathedrals and museums and art galleries, Amalfi is a heaven. This beautiful coastal town is dominated by long sandy beaches with a pristine waterfront, contemporary lifestyle and a beautiful architecture that gives an impression of its roman and byzantine heritage. There are a number of yacht charter options that are readily available in Amalfi.

Whether you are looking to book a crewed yacht for your family get away, a luxury yacht for a corporate delegation or a romantic honeymoon or a bareboat to explore the diverse landscape on your own, Amalfi has it all.




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