Greece is a beautiful homeland of rich history and jaw dropping scenic landscapes. Its beautiful beaches, blue waters, and serene aura make it one of the favorite tourist destinations in Europe for tourist around the world. Greek waters have a diverse marine life and a beautiful sea bed with a number of beautiful islands spread across the sea that makes it a dream destination for sailors around the world. It is for this reason Yacht sailing is one of the key attractions when it comes to Greek tours. There are a number of Yacht options that you can charter on your trio to Greece.


Catamaran Charter Greece


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Greece

Catamaran remains one of the favorite choices among the tourist to sail through the Mediterranean waters in Greece. Catamarans can sail across the 3700 kilometers of the breathtaking Greek coastline. Some of the most exhilarating spots that are covered by Catamarans include the Navagio Beach, Sarakiniko Beach at Milos Island and Balos Beach. Navagio Beach is covered by high towering cliffs and is only accessible by boats, which makes catamarans the best choice to cruise on this gorgeous beach. The Sarakiniko beach is a home to astounding geological formations that makes it worth every visit. The Balos Beach and Lagoon is an ultimate beach destination with rich turquoise waters, saltwater pools and natural landscape, which is ideal to unwind oneself.

Catamarans are not only an amazing choice for beach lovers but it is also the best option for anyone who is looking to explore the historical Greek. The ability to cruise in to ancient ruins, where larger vessels cannot enter, makes Catamarans ideal for history expeditions. If you charter your Catamaran from Marina Alimos in Athens, you can sail through the famous Acropolis, which is one of the most significant remains in the world.

Catamarans are a great choice for luxury sailing trips for families and groups. Its large cockpits and separate living areas with beautiful decks make it an ultimate option to unwind yourself while you explore the beautiful Greek islands.


Bareboat Yacht Charter Greece


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Greece

If you have an International Certificate of Competency, then you can charter one of the fully equipped bareboats from a large variety that is available for charters. Bareboats is an ideal sailing option if you are a certified sailor and would like to be your own boss. With bareboats, you can have the boat to yourself and decide how you want to plan your sailing trip. You can decide when and where you want to make a stop over to grab a quick meal or to take a dip in the crystal blue water of the Greek shores.  

With bareboats you can hop across a number of islands and experience a unique blend of culture and beauty, or meander through the hustling bustling Greek ports that stand as a hallmark of Greek economy. If you are a sailor who would like to explore new ports and islands that conventional skippered boats do not cover, bareboats could be an ideal choice for you. Islands such as Ionian Islands, Cyclades Islands, Saronic Islands and Sporades Islands are often not covered by conventional tour boats and are worth exploring for new sailors.


Skippered Yacht Charter Greece


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Greece

If you are not an experienced sailor or do not have a sailing certification valid for sailing in Greek waters, or if you want a sailing trip where you can truly unwind your mind, body and soul on the deck without bearing the stress of sailing, nothing beats hiring a skippered yacht. With bareboats, you are your own skipper and no matter how much joy you find in skipping your own boat, skipping comes with its own set of stress to take care of. The pressure of taking care of multitude of factors pertaining to sailing while you are actually vacationing takes away the true essence of being on a holiday.

Skippered Yachts give you an edge of staying free of all those stresses and enjoy the serenity of the Mediterranean blue while your Yacht is skippered by one of the most professional skippers.


Crewed Yacht Charter Greece


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Greece

If you have chosen Greece for your holiday destination so that you can breathe and relax while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you, then nothing beats a fully equipped and crewed Yacht. A crewed Yacht charter generally has a skipper, a chef to take care of your meals and a hostess or hostesses to serve you. The crew is a professional ones who does not only take care of all safety standards but also makes sure that all your needs are taken care of and you have a smooth and joyful holiday.

The best thing about crewed Yacht charters is that the skipper and team are experienced sailors and can help you make customized itineraries that would suit your sailing preferences. Moreover, you do not have to worry about arranging your own meals.

The professional chefs cook tantalizing meals on board and the hostesses make sure that you have a wonderful holiday that’s luxurious and classy in its every sense.


Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Greece

There are hundreds of luxury yacht charter options available in Greece. Luxury Yachts are an amazing way of exploring the Greek coastline. The luxury yacht season in Greece spans from May to the end of October. These luxury yachts offer a great away if you want a rejuvenating sailing experience that comes with on board entertainment. Yachts such as Christina O are one of the most extravagant ones in the world that has been a host to some of the most esteemed guests in the world such as Marlin Monroe and Wisnton Churchill.

The luxury yachts are not only fully equipped and have a professional crew on board but also offer amenities such as dance floors, gymnasiums and swimming pools. The luxurious suites on the yachts are cozy and comfortable enough to make you feel home. The yachts are equipped with five start facilities such as bars and spas. Nothing beats a cruising holiday in Greece with a relaxing massage on a beautiful terrace of a luxury yacht while you gaze at the serenity of the sea. Luxury Yachts such as SheraKhan houses a glass bottom spa pool that lets you gaze deep into the spectacular marine.


Yacht Charter Athens


Yachts Pro Catamaran charter Greece

Athens is the main port of Greece. Despite the declining Greek economy, the sailing and yacht businesses continue to thrive, thanks to the beautiful and rich coastline and islands of Greece. Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities with a rich history. Apart from that it is the main port city and a gateway into Greece; therefore, a good majority of the tourists enter Greece from Athens. The Greek beauty combines with the urban life and a taste of local culture makes Athens a great spot to start your sailing voyage from.

Being one of the most important European ports and a an important financial center, Athens is a modern urban settlement with a vibrant culture, bustling life and modern architecture. The ancient history and remain of the Roman Empire has made it one of the UNESCO Heritage site. Athens nightlife and urbanization, ancient history, dynamic culture and scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine make it a heaven for any tourism enthusiast. Athens was the host for the 2004 Olympic Games and continues to host numerous sporting events that has helped developed tourism to a great extent. Apart from sports and history, it has a vibrant and one of the most happening music and performing art scene in Europe. Its theater, operas and musical concerts are not only entertaining but gives you an interesting insight into the region’s history and culture. Other urban tourist attractions in Athens include parks, zoo and museums. Attractions such as Parnitha National Park and the National Archeological Museum are a must visit.

Being the capital, Athens is a home to a large variety of Yacht services and service providers. Whether you are a certified sailor looking for a bareboat for a sole expedition, a skipper or crewed yacht for a relaxing holiday or a luxury yacht for an exclusive party in the sea, Athens has something to suit every taste and requirement. Athens is the main gateway to the Greek islands and the main entry point into Greece. With a number of luxury hotels and accommodation options available in Athens, it would be a great idea if you stay for a couple of days in Athens once you enter Greece and explore the city. Meanwhile, you can look through the large menu of yacht services available and see which one suits you budget and preferences. A lot of Yacht service providers in Athens also help you make customize tour plans and can guide you about islands you must visit. The cost of chartering the yachts depends on the type of Yacht, Yacht service and the number of days you choose to book. Some of yachts are great for family vacations and exclusive corporate events. You can check with the Yacht service providers if you are looking to charter a yacht for a corporate getaway.



€39.088,00 €25.407,20 -35% Lagoon Sixty 5 Daiquiri

Lagoon Sixty 5 "Daiquiri"

Athens, Alimos marina

€31.360,00 €20.384,00 -35% Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 Alma

Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 "Alma"

Athens, Alimos marina

€19.160,00 €13.412,00 -30% Lagoon 52 Blue Velvet

Lagoon 52 "Blue Velvet"

Corfu, Gouvia Marina

€12.112,80 €7.873,32 -35% Lagoon 50 Happy Feet

Lagoon 50 "Happy Feet"

Athens, Alimos marina

€12.048,00 €7.831,20 -35% Nautitech 46 Odyssey

Nautitech 46 "Odyssey"

Athens, Alimos marina

€10.800,00 €7.000,00 -35% Lagoon 50 Orion

Lagoon 50 "Orion"

Athens, Alimos marina

€10.800,00 €7.000,00 -35% Lagoon 50 Icarus

Lagoon 50 "Icarus"

Athens, Alimos marina


8.650,00 5.622,50 -35% Bavaria C57 "Seacret"

Bavaria C57 "Seacret"

Athens, Alimos marina

8.516,80 5.535,92 -35% Ocean Star 56.1 "Mythos"

Ocean Star 56.1 "Mythos"

Lavrion, main port

8.400,00 5.460,00 -35% Hanse 575 "Ifestos"

Hanse 575 "Ifestos"

Kos, Kos Marina

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Catamaran Charter

€10.850,00 €7.052,50 -35% Lagoon 50 "Andromeda"

Lagoon 50 "Andromeda"

Lefkas, D-Marin

€10.850,00 €7.052,50 -35% Bali 4.8 "Laguana"

Bali 4.8 "Laguana"

Corfu, Gouvia Marina

€8.300,00 €5.395,00 -35% Lagoon 46 "Lucky Dragon"

Lagoon 46 "Lucky Dragon"

Kos, Kos Marina

€7.850,00 €5.102,50 -35% Lagoon 450 F "Nemesis"

Lagoon 450 F "Nemesis"

Kos, Kos Marina

€7.850,00 €5.102,50 -35% Lagoon 450 F "Kon-Tiki"

Lagoon 450 F "Kon-Tiki"

Preveza, Main Port

€7.850,00 €5.102,50 -35% Lagoon 450 F "Caretta Nana"

Lagoon 450 F "Caretta Nana"

Lefkas, D-Marin

€7.700,00 €5.082,00 -34% Lagoon 450 F "Gin Tonic"

Lagoon 450 F "Gin Tonic"

Lefkas main port