Crewed yacht charter in Croatia offer large selection of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yacht with professional crew. A crew is usually professional team composed of a skipper or captain, a hostess and a chef. They are usually members of one yacht, and it is not allowed to charter the yacht without them. Also, on every yacht that can be rented bareboat is possible to hire crew: only one crew member or even two or three of them.

If you never tried a crewed yacht charter in Croatia, we would highly recommend it. A professional crew will make your holidays on a yacht perfect.

What are the pros of a crew?

A skipper operates the boat, and his word is the law. He suggests several interesting sailing itineraries, according to your wishes. He takes care about safety of the boat, you and his crew. He takes care that everything goes smooth and makes your holidays easy, interesting and unforgettable.

A professional chef prepares three delicious meals in day: a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. It is always good to write a preference list in advance, so chef can prepare himself and buy products that you love, especially if some products are not easy to find. You can try Croatian kitchen, but also interesting meals from other kitchen like Italian or Chinese. He also buys products, washes the dishes, clean the kitchen, but also helps a skipper when sailing, docking or any other situation when assistance is necessary.

A professional hostess, helps both, skipper and chef. When there is no chef on a boat, she makes one or two simple meals per day, depending on an arrangement. She buys products, washes the dishes, cleans interior of a yacht, and serves food and drinks.